Absenteism Conversations


Unexpected and unplanned absences disrupt the efficiency of your organisation and keep sick leave costs high. It also says a lot about the motivation and involvement of your staff. How to best deal with this problem?


This training gives you the knowledge and skills to bring the question of absenteeism before your employees and provide ways of handling it. First of all, we look deeper into the general character of absenteeism: possible causes, consequences, other people involved, … Next we give you tips and techniques to handle the problem. These are then practiced in role play situations.

After this training

  • You have a clear understanding of the possible causes and effects of absenteeism.
  • You are aware of your own role and responsibilities to deal with absenteeism in your team.
  • You know the reason and stages of effective absenteeism conversations.
  • Target group

    Executives and HR personnel who must confront absenteeism.


    1 day followed by individual feedback for 1.45 hours per person

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