• ISS

    ISS work site leaders must be very practically focused. They followed a leader training program. We started with a brainstorming session about the ideal qualities of a leader. Dynamo, using Radar, mapped out the strengths and weaknesses of the present work site leaders. During a 2-day workshop the ISS staff made their own follow-up system for new work site leaders. They presented this to their executives. The employees’ involvement in coming up with this strategy was key to this unique process.

  • Les Grignoux

    The VZW Les Grignoux is a cultural company in the social sector. For more than 20 years they have organised various cultural activities at three different locations in Liege, the cinema being the most important. The “Art & Essai” program focuses on the general public.

    Les Grignoux experienced problems at its reception. They were increasingly confronted with aggressive behaviour so they engaged Dynamo. The training aimed to increase workers’ well-being by letting them reflect about their present situation and then to find solutions to cope with aggressive situations. The training formed a forum where everyone was involved in analysing and creating a common approach.

    Dynamo asked the reception staff to describe real life examples from their own experience. The participants were able to exercise during realistic role-plays with an actor their new learned behaviour and techniques. In this way they received immediate feedback from the trainer.

  • DHL

    The loading and unloading of DHL cargo planes takes teamwork. It can be very annoying and demanding for the rest of the team if someone is sick because they have to carry the extra load. As there was no absenteeism policy DHL developed a step scheme that could eventually lead to dismissal. However some supervisors followed the procedure too strictly so Dynamo designed a follow-up program in which the main element was listening.

  • Delhaize

    Delhaize supermarket managers are regularly faced with dilemmas about overtime, remuneration and leave. This sometimes leads to social conflicts with their employees. Managers learnt how to deal with these situations better thanks to Dynamo’s development program. The optimised tailor-made negotiation training helped them feel more comfortable during conversations concerning social issues.

  • Sabam

    When Sabam centralized its finance division, the employees were very anxious. The organisational change had human consequences. In the first stage, Dynamo used Radar to understand the team situation. Next, individual interviews were organised so that executives and employees could express their frustrations. Then we let them focus on what was actually working so that the team members could fully concentrate on finding solutions in the workshops that followed. The end result was that the team came back together with renewed enthusiasm for the new organisational structure. A year later, when the team was expanded, cooperation and understanding remained.

  • De Stroomlijn

    Dynamo started a leadership program for the Stroomlijn in 2008. Stroomlijn is a contact centre for Eandis, TMVW en AWW, which aims to develop a more sustainable way of management for the team leaders and trainer-coaches. The objective was more on giving attention to the support and development of the individual than on measuring and assessing. A hands-on approach between the people was more desired than a distant approach. This program took place in intensive cooperation with the management team that wanted to support and follow the change process.

    Dynamo organised a varied approach. We did a culture analysis and developed a model of excellence that met their needs, culture and practice. This was used as input for training and on-the-job coaching.

  • Bayer

    After the crisis Bayer wanted to give a new impetus and to get behind a future-orientated project. In a process of co-creation using solution focus work and appreciative inquiry, the executives wrote together the mission, vision and values of Bayer Antwerp. Then they looked together with Dynamo for projects where this mission, vision and values could be experienced.

  • Komosie

    KOMOSIE vzw is the federation of non-profit organisations involved in recovery and energy-cutting activities in Flanders. As a result of a change project the organisation needed to redefine the job descriptions of the staff members. Jobcrafting was introduced to organise this change in a collaborative way. Dynamo facilitated the different teamcrafting workshops. The employees agreed to the defined jobcrafting rules, job analysis conversations were held with the employees and the results of the conversations (energy givers and energy takers) were shared with each other. Through speeddates, teamcrafting and appreciative teamconversations about the organisation structure and culture, more ‘beautiful work’ was created within the organisation.

  • Quick

    Dynamo developed a project for Quick managers that stimulated hands-on leadership. A two day training lifted the managers to a new level. What are the determining factors that make an excellent Quick manager? These factors were incorporated into a model of excellence. Once this model was established, we were able to guide each manager to achieve this model by a development centre and by personal coaching.

  • Stad Leuven

    In 2009 all the counter services in the town of Leuven were brought together in a big new counter zone. This physical change of location gave the opportunity for all the counter services to be consulted about the town’s ‘citizen orientation rules’. The direction did not want these rules to be imposed from above but wanted these rules to be put together and approved by the counter staff themselves. Under the recurring motto that learning is fun, Dynamo did this training in a creative way by using a chapel and a town walk. The results of these sessions were brought to life in fun improvisational theatre.

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