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Soft skill training to career guidance

Soft skill training

Dynamo offers soft skill training as an integral program: our expertise holds together the planning, the development and the implementation of the training.

Dynamo offers training around the following subjects :

School for Recruitment

The School for Recruitment, a section of Dynamo, specialises in giving the interviewer a correct picture of the person being interviewed. These trainings include among others Attitude-based Radar Interview, Competence-based Interview and Appreciative Career Guidance.

Innovative and effective approach

Fast insight into someone’s work strategy

With 48 indicators

Via an attitude-based interview or the online Radar questionnaire

Attitude-based Radar interview

Competence-based interview

Use of cultural analysis and high-performance models

Certified Radar partner training

Optimise job satisfaction and motivation

Reorienting people to another position within the organisation

Retention by reorientation

Appraisal & optimisation of selection process

Identifying & reproducing high performance

Measuring, changing & integrating a corporate culture

Job based interview scenarios

The outsourcing of the training process to one training partner definitely offers a number of advantages:
  • Dynamo understands your organisation through and through. This allows the specific content of training to be worked out more efficiently.
  • Dynamo works with a pool of trainers which guarantees the necessary variation in style and expertise while at the same time being fully acquainted with your organisation.
  • Dynamo develops specific work related programs which are in line with your HR philosophy and processes.
  • This can be advantageous financially: Dynamo gives volume discounts and the preparation time for successive programs is reduced because we are already familiar with your organisation.
  • Dynamo can rapidly respond to new training needs without a totally new needs analysis because we know your context and business culture.