Organisation development


Dynamo acts as a facilitator when your strategy, mission or culture needs to be renewed. In co-creation with our facilitator, you develop activities and projects to shape your organisation of the future. Building together gives lasting change. The large group learning and development approach brings fresh new life into your organisation. What sort of interventions do we use?

Open Space

The ‘Open Space’ method was first developed by Harrison Owen. After a conference he had the idea for this method. He realised that the really important topics were talked about in the coffee breaks often with more enthusiasm than in the official program. Read further

Organisation Constellation

An organisation is complex. The context changes increasingly fast and that has an influence on how we organise ourselves. An Organisation Constellation is a fast and innovative way to understanding the general coherence and the nuances of an organisation’s system. Read further

World Café

The World Café enables a (large) group of people who normally would not, or rarely, meet to exchange ideas on a specific theme in a short time. It is a creative way to start to dialogue and to share knowledge on a particular topic. Read further

Solution Focus

Solution Focus or Solution Orientated Work is based on Steve de Shazer’s ‘solution focused brief therapy’. He developed it with Insoo Kim Berg. The basis is that one starts from what one already knows and/or can do. Read further

Appreciative Inquiry

It is good to give attention to the achievements and successes that have been realised by employees within an organisation. Too often difficulties and problems are highlighted. This can result in negative reactions and, in addition, can deprive employees of the needed energy to bring in change(s). Read further