Solution Focused working

Solution Focused working is based on Steve de Shazer’s ‘solution focused brief therapy‘. He developed it with Insoo Kim Berg.

The basis is that one starts from what one already knows and/or can do. It looks at what already works. It also points to possibilities in difficult circumstances. These can give the necessary energy for change. In addition it helps to see the first step to the solution.

Solution focus work uses the following three basic principles:

  1. What is not wrong, does not need changing
  2. Find out what works and do more of it
  3. If it does not work, stop it and do something different

Solution focus thinking is contrasted with problem-oriented thinking. The main differences between the two are listed below.

What is wrong?
What must be ‘repaired’?



Past causes

An expert who knows everything

Limitations and weaknesses



What is wanted?

What is going well?



Fault lines in the past

Working together

Resources and strengths



Where does Dynamo use this approach?

Coaching and Career Guidance

Like Brief Therapy, coaching does not necessarily need to last a long time if you use the various possible questions of Solution Focus Coaching.

Training and Follow-up Program

You look at what works first in twos and then in groups. This is explored further so that ideas come to the surface which are then incorporated into new ways of working. It is then also natural to use this same approach of discussion and ideas with clients.

“Just take what you’ve got, no matter how incomplete and inconsistent and even incoherent it appears. You’ve got what you’ve got.”
(Steve de Shazer)