Serious Games

Dynamo is known for its extensive and creative game division. Whatever the situation or subject, we find or create a game that fully suits your organisation! Participants are offered knowledge in a fun way. In addition, they (often unconsciously) acquire new skills through practicing playfully.

The Secret Da Vinci Academy

The Secret Da Vinci Academy is a simulation game developed by Dynamo’s own games department. It involves interactive debriefing and reflection. In a playful way participants experience a full range of human responses to events such as: frustration due to a lack of clarity, jumping to conclusions or arriving at none, stress because of time pressure – basically normal company life. It is often used to help communication and to encourage team cooperation. It can be played by 6 to 30 players in teams.

The power of this game lies especially in the debriefing. Here, events in the game are linked to things that often confront us in the workplace.

  • communication challenges
  • leadership and followers
  • working together in a team, teams in an organisation
  • work through values
  • evaluating and assessing others

Because of the game aspect, The Secret Da Vinci Academy works as an excellent catalyst to face difficult issues.

Board games

Following lessons is boring but playing games is fun. The ‘desire’ to learn is always the starting point for our learning games. Dry material such as technical knowledge, social legislation, security procedures and the like, are more easily communicated when done playfully. Bringing people together at a board game is an important part of the training. The hexagonal game is a classic at Dynamo. It is ideal to refresh knowledge and is applicable to many topics. The client game is very suitable for client interaction. These are just two examples of Dynamo’s many board games.

Outdoor activities

We learn everywhere in all circumstances. Our game developers dare to look beyond the classroom and also integrate outdoor activities into our development objectives. Wanting to win and working together are natural characteristics that we see coming to the fore. While doing outdoor activities we have to think, design strategies and always adapt to new situations. Participants get to know each other better. They find solutions together through experiential learning.

Red Jacket simulation centre

Red Jacket is a learning and simulation centre of Dynamo. We drop the participants in a real experimental environment: a fictional bus company, Red Jacket is confronted with all sorts of difficulties for which solutions have to be found. All types of subjects can come up: cross-functional management, a crisis of communication, how to avoid a strike, disappointing sales, teamwork to set up of a change project, leadership difficulties, … The participants have to use all they have learnt in previous trainings. When the participants cannot go further by themselves, we provide additional feedback or input to set them on the right track. There is only limited new knowledge provided. The exercising of skills and the targeted feedback is central. It can in the end be combined with a feedback centre.

Red Jacket can also be tailor-made to your situation. It can, for example, prepare managers for a change that is due to come in your company, or to make their situation more real.

Recruiting game

Is recruiting a game? Starting from the existing process we decide on which factors need to be brought into the game. In this case the game concept is worked out containing elements on competencies and attitude. The main aim is the selection or assessment of employees. While playing, masks fall off and the participants show who they really are. Selection becomes more real, simple and targeted.

Rediscovery map

Imagine that a group of people are looking together at a picture that highlights the vision, mission and values of your company. They discover through this picture where the CEO wants to go. It is like discovering the meaning of a Pieter Brueghel oil painting. This approach is surprising and enlightening. It is also well suited for a variety of topics such as change management, introductions, branding, security procedures, …