The Secret Da Vinci Academy

Business game – The Secret Da Vinci Academy

The Secret Da Vinci Academy is a topical and very exciting simulation game that achieves the following learning objectives:

  • gain insight into competences;
  • creating a team where individuals as well as company results are important;
  • improving communication and negotiating skills;
  • building better relationships, internally as well as externally;
  • gain insight in group dynamics;
  • focus attention on the importance of good communication skills alongside technical skills to be an excellent employee;
  • motivation to be successful;
  • achieving success by motivated cooperation in spite of frustrations and limitations.

Practical information

Target group

The multi-layered character of the Da Vinci game is suitable for all levels in an organisation. Participants gain insights which are relevant to their needs. Workers, employees and executives within Production, Hi-Tech, Petrochemical, Medical sector … have already experienced this unforgettable learning experience.


Da Vinci is played for half a day. Dynamo also places this concept in a greater whole such as teambuilding, management training, outplacement guidance, change management, competence management or safety training.

Number of participants

Da Vinci can be played with small groups of 6 people up to bigger groups of 30 people.


Although Da Vinci as a simulation game can be immediately used it can also be adapted to suit the needs of specific requested tasks. In each game there are different layers of insight into communication, negotiation and teamwork. It is also suitable to prepare organisations in accepting competence management.