When to use Radar®

Recruitment & Selection

Who is recruited is an extremely important choice. Research has shown that an organisation of 1.000 employees loses on average €1 million per year on managing and guiding ‘underperformers’. How can this be addressed?

Employees are recruited because of their competences and laid-off due to their attitude. It would seem better to recommend that someone is recruited for his/her attitude and then to deal with limitations in competences with training. The iWAM questionnaire is the most suitable tool to determine the work attitudes and motivation strategies of a candidate. The candidate’s profile can then be compared with the top performers of your organisation that have been the basis for a model of excellence. This can lead to a ranking that lists the best candidates for the job in ascending order.

Assessment or Development

If you must evaluate present or potential employees, for instance due to organisational growth or a merger with another organisation, your organisation needs accurate and objective measuring instruments. Dynamo observes behaviour in simulations or recruiting games. Also iWAM and COMET can be used to compare employees to the ideal profile for the job. With COMET 360° feedback can eventually also be used.

Coaching & Mentoring

When helping someone with personal and professional development, it is important to start with mapping the current skills of a person. After someone has filled in the questionnaire you can immediately generate a detailed feedback report. This list of questions allows a ‘gap analysis’ to be done which displays the gap between present and desired attitude and skills of the employee.


The iWAM management report can be used to increase executives’ effective managing of employees. Executives who are not capable, will not only undermine the performance of their team; it will also lead to lower retention levels.


Sometimes an organisation wants a team whose members complement each other and sometimes it wants a completely uniform team. With help from the iWAM Team Report, people can be compared with each other. In addition, on the basis of these reports, difficulties in team operation can be examined, assessing what exactly goes wrong in terms of differing thinking styles.


After someone has worked hard for an organisation for years it is difficult to hear that he/she must leave. The iWAM tool can be used to give someone a new direction in his/her career, and also to help the person to choose a job and organisation that suits his work attitude and motivation. This process is wider than just focusing on the skills that are related to the current job and company.

Company culture, change projects and employer branding

What is the culture of my organisation? How can I bring in new corporate values throughout the organisation? Projects such as “corporate branding” or “employer branding” are essential for cultural change. The goal is to answer the following questions: what values prevail within my company? What is the predominant attitude? How do we recognise the corporate culture and how do we know if an employee fits within this culture? In the event of a merger of companies or in evaluating or repositioning your corporate culture the iWAM and VSQ questionnaires can be used to determine what the company culture is and how someone fits within it. Using COMET, we can find out whether employees behave in accordance with the corporate culture. Dynamo’s consultants can also help to translate the new values into Radar profiles so that we can measure the “gap” between the current culture and the culture you want.

Model of Excellence

A model of excellence answers the question: “What is the difference between a top performer and someone who insufficiently performs at the same job?” This model can then be used to recruit the right candidate for the job. In addition, it can be used to train and coach people so that they come closer to the model of excellence. This tool can also discover how to manage employees so that they perform well and feel good in the job.