Feedback centre

A Dynamo feedback centre is an excellent way to concretely measure the learning progress after training. The feedback centre is directed by the training subject: Communication, Leadership, Sales, Human Resources …

Each participant starts with a specific task, often a case study or simulated appointment. This task can be individually tailor-made for the participant as nothing is more frustrating as repeating the same training content again.

With the structured self-evaluation the participant receives understanding about:

  • What do I already do well and must I continue doing?
  • What have I forgotten and where can I further progress?

Participants learn from the feedback coming from the competence-based interview or by the simulation with an actor.

The trainer bases the feedback on the participant’s motivation and communication style that comes from the Radar questionnaire. When someone makes a wrong decision in the interview then there is a good reason for it. This understanding helps in making better decisions in the future and creates permanent behavioural change.

Lastly we give participants a few strong points and a few points for attention which can be an action point for the coming period. This can be integrated into an organisation process of operation and evaluation. Different interventions are possible:

  • personality test
  • 360° feedback
  • simulation with an actor
  • getting started with personal coaching sessions, …