Coaching on the workplace

After the formation program we can offer coaching in the workplace. With Quick, after a management training and development centre, our trainer coached the participants in the workplace. The trainer-coach is available to give the necessary support when a difficulty arises. Coaching in the workplace has the advantage that participants are seen at work in their daily environment so that the results are concrete and directly applicable.

Career coaching – career guidance -outplacement

In career guidance we help candidates find the suitable career either within the company they are working for (project change) or eventually outside the company (outplacement project). The starting point for Dynamo is to find these criteria that provide motivational work for the candidate.

Attitude based Radar coaching program

Using a structured interview (Radar interview) involving 48 parameters we build up a profile of the candidate. These parameters are confirmed by the candidate in the coaching. We then go further with the candidate: comparing job profiles, company culture, team culture, manager (n+1) or employees (n-1).

Solution focused coaching

The focus with Solution focused coaching is finding what is good and positive. This method is based on the work of Steve de Shazer. Dynamo has specialised the approach by using structured questions that can be used both individually and in group settings.