Approach & tools

Our approach is creative as well as personal!


Dynamo’s starting point

We enjoy bringing the best in people to the fore. Dynamo starting point is that learning and development must also be fun and this brings the best out in people. No boring company training and no rattling teacher in front of the class! We spend sufficient time in learning and understanding your training framework and your request. This enables us to plan better and create meaningful content, tailor-made to your organisation. This brings about better knowledge transfer and lasting behavioural change.

What makes Dynamo different?

Great in Training

Dynamo has two strong pillars. First of all, Dynamo carries out everything from the unique creative pillar, where we are result-orientated and maintain a practical approach. Alongside this we make time available to sufficiently know the starting situation and what the client wants. For this we often use Radar. In the learning process we begin with what people can do. This gives the necessary energy to let lasting change happen more quickly.

Expert in Follow-up

In 2010 we asked ourselves what our long lasting clients had in common. We discovered that these clients were the ones that chose to use the follow-up approach. Here, the budget was not only spent on the training program, but was rather spread over training, coaching and follow-up. We have developed an expertise in follow-up that is unique on the market.

Dynamo’s approach & tools

We use interactive teaching approaches where not only time in knowledge (knowing what and why) but also time in expertise (knowing how something technical is done) and ability (doing it) is all included. Our creative approach is reflected in our building blocks: participants are more proficient after a training project where we use serious learning games, actors and expert follow-up tools. Along with these we use Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focus and our unique Radar tool which map out attitudes, motivation and work strategy.

  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Solution focus
  • Serious games
  • Actors
Follow-up tools
  • Why follow-up tools
  • Feedback centre
  • Coaching sessions
  • Supervision & Intervision
  • Simulation games – The Secret Academy of Da Vinci
  • Simulation centre – Red Jacket
  • Radar