Organisation constellations

What is it?

An organisation is complex. The context changes increasingly fast and that has an influence on how we organise ourselves. An Organisation Constellation is a fast and innovative way to understand the general coherence and the nuances of an organisation’s system.

It brings into focus how a company operates and its relational dynamics. What and how are the relationships between the various stakeholders: owner, executives, staff, customers, suppliers? Other more abstract concepts such as our future, the mission, and fierce competition can be explored. A Constellation starts with a question from the customer or can provide an answer to a universal question like: “What potential is there in the system that is not yet being utilised?”

What results can the process produce?

Answers to specific organisational questions such as:

  • the impact of major changes such as restructuring and mergers;
  • clarity on leadership issues;
  • the power conflicts between different parts of the organisation.

Answers to individual questions such as:

  • work conflicts and insecurity;
  • difficulties in handling decisions and dilemmas;
  • limitations to producing maximum performance.

When to use this process?

  • As a balance to logical thinking and the use of the left side of your brain. The right side with its intuitive character can yield different insights.
  • When you need to view the system as a whole and want to see at a glance where there are tensions and imbalances within the organisation.
  • When you need to understand the complex reactions resulting from change and you have no idea for the way forward.


Ideal for large groups – 8 to 40 people

Depending on the nature of the questions, we engage professionals from outside the organisation because of their experience and neutrality. These professional representatives are a tool which allows the facilitator to make the question of the client clearer and more focused.

An Organisation Constellation is a very useful method for a large group of onlookers.