Handling Complaints

each complaint is a valuable gift


Often it is the case that customer complaints are not taken seriously enough or are handled too slowly. The result is a loss of customers and the development of an adverse reputation. Complaints can also be an opportunity. They are a chance to improve both service and products. A well resolved complaint is also good for customer retention!


After this training you will be ready to deal with customer complaints with a ‘preventive’ approach. You will know your own limitations and will be able to handle these so that together with the customer you can find satisfactory solutions.

After this training you are able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the importance of being client-focused?
  • What is a complaint precisely/how do I recognise a compliant?
  • Why do we receive complaints from (internal) clients?
  • How can we quickly understand complaints?
  • How do I deal with emotional clients?
  • How do I include a client in finding a solution?
  • How do I pass on the complaint to the rest of the organisation?
  • How does my organisation presently handle complaints and how can this procedure be improved?
  • Target group

    All employees who meet clients.


    1 day

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