New Generation Work

New Generation Work


1. The development of the ‘work of the future’

In 8 steps on the way to the workplace DNA of the future

Dynamo reaches out a hand to the organization of the future with ‘New Generation Work’. Because what do we actually want to steer or self-steer, and what do we want to let go and what not? Not an easy task if your organization has existed for some time. Now that the dust has settled down and it becomes clear that self-management is not an easy task, organizations with common sense can write their own story. We also notice that inspiration and concrete tools can help to get on the road. Because staying still and waiting is like going backwards.

We help organizations to roll out a combination of series of innovative and highly usable programs in the development of ‘the work of the future’. Together with you, during a number of highly interactive workshops, we lay the first building blocks of an organization where autonomy, trust, recognition and involvement are key words. Together with you, we look for what works, the gradual transformation, the intermediate approach, rather than the brash rotation.

How do you look for the self-managing employee with the right attitude? How do you ensure that employees take more responsibility themselves about their tasks – and how do you further coordinate within your team if there are shortages or overlaps? How do you encourage co-creative working withing the organization between different teams with the focus on the result? How do you convert tensions into fuel for your team and how do you integrate this into your consultation? How do you encourage people to take leadership without being hierarchically responsible?

2. Situation

Better collaboration, more efficient decision-making, smart meetings, agile change, less burnout, more workable work, clear roles, better division of tasks, more self-management, stimulating self-organization …

Do you also want to get started in your organization and you wonder where do I start now? We offer 8 actions that any organization can take towards New Generation Work.

Are you responsible for managing a team or project? Are you working on dividing, organizing and following up the work?

3. What?

Organizations that are self-managing or self-organizing are put in the spotlights today. But often they have been set up from the start. The existing organizations must find their own transformation process. That process must be done in a way that the work can go further and as little extra work as possible is created. We do this by participating in the organization and working with the teams and their real challenges. With one aim, to introduce them as quickly as possible to methods that they can apply themselves. As support we offer trainings, team coaching and individual coaching. But also digital solutions such as: webinars, podcasts, online training and distance coaching.

4. Eight actions

At Dynamo we believe in an evolutionary organization where we take small steps every day. This is in contrast to the ‘tilting of the organization’, which is revolutionary step for many companies with many consequences that can temporarily obstruct the work itself. The work must therefore be supervised in many consultant hours, which gives an expensive change. Our 8 steps give you guidance to do it in a stuctured way and the flexibility to start where the greatest need is. According to our philosophy, the steps must be Simple, Fast and Smart.

An overview of our New Generation Work workshops:

Smart Interviewing – Looking for the employee with the right attitude fit for a new job or busy supervising an internal switch? Matching organizational culture and employees with each other is becoming increasingly important. Finding competent people is super difficult and chances are you help them to grow by coaching based on their attitude. How do you gauge the real motivation and the self-steering capacity of the (future) employee? How can you choose the ideal candidate for your offer, what the employer brand ‘pur sang’ is. The attitude check will be the basis for the workplace of the future.

Jobcrafting – Increasing my employability, making workable work and working on the prevention of burnout by better tuning tasks on skills, talents, energy givers and takers. Jobcrafting allows you to model existing functions more tailored to the employees. Dealing with the current sometimes difficult context of employees in changing environments is the main theme. The application possibilities of jobcrafting are infinite.

Smart advising – We live in a knowledge economy and each of us is a professional in his own work area. More than ever, colleagues, managmeent and clients expect us to be able to help them from our expertise. They expect solid advice. But how do you advise in a professional manner where you do not impose yourself and where the colleague or client respects your advice and acts accordingly? Somestimes you have to look for the most suitable expert. How do you proceed to select them without letting you impose anything and without losing sight of the criteria of your work?

Non-hierarchical leadership – The command and control model, in which the supervisor manages and the employees perform, no longer works. How can you keep projects and assignments within time and budget without managing them hierarchicall. Which reinforcing competences do I need to master?

Smart collaboration in team – More complex work means that we gonna have to work more together in team in the near future. You will learn how to become an A-team in 5 steps. Because working together is not always easy and good cooperation requires an effort from every single one of us.

Smart meetings – How do you come to a decision with your team that everyone supports? That is not an easy task if you look at how your meetings are running now. We will teach you meeting 3.0. This method is ideal for Agile work, to make your meetings more self-steering or just to quickly go through a laundry list of agenda items. We use this for our regular meetings, but we also have meetings where we have to think about new ideas or proposals. Which visualizations help me to quickly achieve a consistent result with my colleagues during a thinking process?

Teamcrafting – You do not just get a well-functioning team. The division of tasks from the past is no longer optimal due to the amount of work and changes. But how do you adjust this as a team leader? It is easier in this visual division of work. Even if your team is struggling, we will discuss it and look for workable solutions together. To start the teamcrafting, we first start with individual sessions of jobcrafting with the team.

Co-creation - You do not get the noses in the same direction with a marketing trick like a poster or a gadget with the organizational values. Co-creation is organizing together a dialogue about change and solutions. The right method of working helps to make the project land more smoothly within the organization..

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