cell phones are the latest invention in rudeness (t. guillemets)


Often the first contact with a company is by telephone. We could say that the telephone is a sort of visiting card for your company. First impressions are important. What would happen if the client is kept waiting or is not answered at all? What impression does a demotivated employee give? It is obvious that in such cases a specialised training is no unnecessary luxury!


Participants learn to answer the most common telephone calls in a positive, client-friendly manner. The aim is to give potential and current clients as well as other business partners a professional impression of your organisation. The training is very practical. We work with different types of calls that are being registered in order to provide immediate and accurate feedback. At the end trainees are able to have good client-friendly contact. They can ask for the right details, forward the call, take messages and are able to handle a difficult call like a complaint.

After this training you are able to answer the following questions:

  • How do I sound on the telephone and what influence does this have?
  • How do I handle conversations and communicate in a client-friendly manner?
  • How to I forward the call correctly?
  • Which telephone behaviour is good and which is not? Why?
  • How do I communicate a negative message in a client-friendly manner?
  • How do I handle complaints in such a way that it is acceptable to the client and to me?

Target group

All employees handling internal and external contacts.


1 day

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