Stress management

stress is not what happens to us, it’s our response to what happens and a response is something we can choose


Everyone experiences daily annoyances. On top of this you must work together with colleagues who are very different from you. Some days clients can be more demanding or complaining. Or maybe everyone and everything is demanding your time without end. It sometimes seems difficult to handle and control events especially when the workload is heavy. Because of this, you may have physical and mental tensions which makes it difficult to cope with the demands of the work environment.


After this training you will be better able to cope with the demands of your workplace. You learn to coordinate different tasks from within your own abilities and skills.

After this training

  • You can stay calm in stressful situations so that you can react more effectively
  • You can better relativise the complaints of clients so that you can react friendly and politely
  • You can work better together with colleagues who are very different from you
  • You are able to work through and process your experiences so that you do not become physically or mentally stressed
  • You are able to stay calm in situations of high work pressure so that you can maintain an overview of your work and set priorities
  • Target group

    Everyone who wishes to learn to handle stress efficiently and productively


    2 days

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