Motivating employees


The most important asset of an organisation is of course its employees. However, there is no manual available to help them feel motivated and involved in their work. After all, everyone has their own specific qualities, skills and methods to achieve results. Motivating team members and workers must therefore focus on their personal development. This will of course influence their work performance!


During this training you learn how to encourage and motivate your employees in enjoyable and creative ways so that they continually give their best.

After this training you are able to answer the following questions:

  • How can I recognise the talents of my employees and then support and encourage these qualities?
  • How do I give a good role model as manager?
  • How can I communicate in a clear and direct way?
  • Target group

    Executives who wish to understand their team/employees even better so that they can motivate them in the most appropriate manner


    1 day

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