Conflict Management

the aim of an argument or a discussion should not be victory, but progress (j. joubert)


A difference in opinion or a misunderstanding can lead to irritation. Some individuals have opposite viewpoints and interests, some stand in the way of another’s work or sometimes someone is not informed in time about an important meeting. Conflict situations are everywhere and are a logical consequence of working with others. But what if the employee’s work begins to suffer?


Each conflict causes us to think. Conflict management training has as goal to effectively handle one’s own position, emotions and opinions before, during and after a conflict with another. If you know how to deal with conflict effectively you will be able to prevent it, find a solution or resolve to achieve better future results.

After this training

  • You have a better idea of the dynamics happening in a conflict situation.
  • You can react appropriately in a discussion.
  • You can identify the different stages of a conflict and react in the right way.
  • You know different conflict management techniques and which one to use according to the situation and people involved.
  • You have learnt how to constructively solve conflicts.
  • Target group

    The training is for anyone desiring to handle conflict situations more efficiently.


    2 Days or 1 day + feedback centre

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