Growth is different for everyone


Long-term coaching program

Growth is different for everyone. This is something we know very well. A personal coaching program inspires you to fully develop your growth potential, bringing quicker insight and making new action possibilities. You receive more understanding into your own situation and explore new ways to develop further. It is a result-orientated process: we work towards a concrete goal. It is also co-creative, with the focus on enabling the coached to find solutions to a question and to implement these.

Short coaching sessions focussed on a specific competence

We also offer targeted coaching conversations where in a limited number of sessions we focus on a specific competence. For example: communication skills, negotiating, conflict management, assertiveness, and so on…

This is a personal learning program, totally tailor-made for the coached. We also add models and techniques within the coaching approach. We challenge the coached to struggle and achieve in the sessions.


The coaches use differing methods according to the question in focus. Such as:

  • Radar
  • Solution focused work
  • System work
  • NLP
  • Organisation- en system constellations
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Positive psychology


  • The coached fills in online a Radar questionnaire (work strategy and work preference)
  • Intake and review of the radar questionnaire
  • Formulation of an overall development goal
  • Agreements about the coaching program
  • Implementing the program
  • Evaluation interview