Managing Meetings


Mobile phones continually ring and are answered by people quickly running outside. Meanwhile late comers arrive while you are still hurriedly collecting and organising the necessary papers. Some employees seem to be dreaming while others are arguing in detail about minor points. Recognisable? No longer! Dynamo helps you to plan and lead efficient meetings.


First of all we give participants the needed insights in how to organise a good meeting, what preparations must be taken and the specific roles of those attending a meeting. Then we aim for result-based work and put this into practice with exercises.

After this training

  • You know the different types of meetings and which type meets the need of your organisation
  • You can give a meeting a general structure and content
  • You know how to make an agenda
  • You can start a meeting, go through the agenda items and keep the members focused
  • Target group

    This training is for those who regularly lead meetings or those who take part in them and want to see meetings to be more productive


    1 or 2 days

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