Project management

operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward


In contrast with a general manager, a project manager heads up a specific objective with a clear end result. A project manager has not only to know the needed technical and organisational knowledge but also how to lead and motivate a team. Project-based work can have a large impact on the efficiency of your organisation when it is well done.


This training offers (future) project managers the necessary knowledge, tricks and tools for the planning, implementation and monitoring of a project so all progresses correctly. We also teach you to start and implement projects in line with the strategic objectives of your organisation and your team.

After this training you are able to answer the following questions:

  • How do I put a clear project plan together and how do I write this up?
  • What is my role within a project and how do I differentiate this from the roles of others? How do I make the project advance? What are the different stages in a project?
  • What are the challenges and pitfalls of each phase within a project?
  • How do I relate with my project colleagues?
  • How can I bring the project in line with business strategy and available resources?
  • Target group

    Everyone who works in connection with projects.


    2 days

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