Presentation techniques: advanced level


This training builds on, and expands ‘Presentation Techniques: Basic level’.


Once you master the basic presentation skills you learn in the advanced training to optimise your way of presenting. How do bring your message with more persuasion and enthusiasm? How do you speak in front of a sceptical and disinterested audience? How do you best use humour and anecdotes to increase interest? In addition, we will teach you to deal with variation in group dynamics so you can be flexible whoever your audience is.

After this training

  • You have a realistic picture of your current competences in the area of presentation skills
  • You have the means to develop your own strengths and work on improvements and to further develop your own style
  • You know how to handle tension and can control your body language
  • You can professionally deal with different circumstances that can occur in a presentation. Your starting point is the experience and situation of the participants and the company.
  • Target group

    Every employer who has completed ‘Presentation Techniques – Basics’ and wishes to improve his/her presentation techniques.


    1 day

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