Welcoming new employees


For a certain period an employer or those delegated with the task of welcoming and integrating new employees are obliged to take appropriate action to organise the reception of new employees. Of course there are many possibilities: assigned mentors, regular feedback on progress, guided tours, step by step plan, direct reports, etc. But what approach is the best for your organisation?


The guidance of new employees takes time and energy but has many positive effects for the whole organisation: it increases the newcomer’s motivation, integration is quicker, and the working atmosphere is more pleasant. This training provides the necessary tools to welcome newcomers in a creative and constructive way.

After this training you are able to answer the following questions:

  • How are new employees presently welcomed?
  • What positive points are experienced?
  • Where are there still problems?
  • How can we make the welcome even better?
  • What and who is needed to achieve this?
  • Target group

    All employers or those responsible to welcome and integrate new employees.


    1 day


    Dynamo has developed for GAMMA a Pocket Learner – a do-it-yourself introduction with guidance from a coach.

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