I Organised

for every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned


The work day of each employee is about the same length but some make more use of their time while others waste it. The ‘I Organised’ training offers the perfect solution to the problem! To learn new and better organising habits has 20% to do with knowledge and 80% with being disciplined to apply this knowledge. In effect, you do not produce long-term results when you only focus on knowledge.


This learning path focuses most on how to put known knowledge into practice. Learning to be organised is a self-changing process; this is, in effect, what Dynamo understands well. Possible topics: good and realistic learning plan, time wasters, communications, emails, clean desk,…

After this training

  • I can handle more tasks in the same time
  • I feel less physically and mentally stressed by the work pressure
  • I organise my work better and plan my workday more efficiently
  • I have improved email habits
  • Tasks are more easily taken over if I am absent
  • I can better organise and follow up projects
  • Target group

    People who want to be able to organise the practical side of their work better


    4 x 1 day. Participants follow a learning module of 1 to 2 hours in the morning; during the day they arrange an individual meeting with the trainer. There are a maximum of six participants per module.

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