Performance and Evaluation Reviews


Regular conversations with your employees not only give you a chance to look back and give the needed performance feedback but also to consider how they can best further develop.


This training is foremost the ‘why’ of such conversations and the possible objections to the procedure of performance reviews. After this, we look at the core points of such conversations. We go through the process point by point and face the possible difficulties that may occur.

After this training you are able to answer the following questions:

  • How do I prepare a performance or evaluation review/conversation?
  • How should it begin?
  • How do I approach the good points?
  • How do I discuss points of interest?
  • How do I deal with disagreements about behaviour?
  • How do I finish the review/conversation?
  • Target group

    Executives and HR employees who have performance and evaluation conversations.


    1 day

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