Consultative / Advisory Sales


A client can be seen as a partner. This implies that you appreciate his input so that your product or service improves. The account manager in consultative and advisory sales involves him/herself in the client’s problems. Together he/she thinks of solutions instead of purely selling his/her own product.


This new sales method is aimed at long term relationships and is profitable for both the organisation and for clients. The aim is to have the best possible relationship with the customer and to keep this so that the sales and profits increase.

First you learn to analyse and list the wishes of the clients so you really know what they want to achieve. Then we study how to give the best advice that leads to a mutually beneficial relationship with the client.

After this training

  • I understand the importance of accurate needs analysis and can apply it
  • I can correctly understand and make use of the client’s motivating factors
  • I can listen and know what the client really wants
  • I can analyse the present sales situation of the company
  • Target group

    Employers with a sales function in a commercial or service setting


    1 or more days

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