Each program requires specific focused preparation


A tailor-made training requires purposeful preparation. Together with you we develop and follow-up programs. In practise the procedure is as follows:

1. Initial intake interview

In the first orientation interview, we deal with the specific request of your organisation. The objective is to make sure that we understand each other and are on the same wavelength. If it has not been already communicated we will explore what you precisely wish to achieve, what tools you wish to use, which the target group is… We assist you with the necessary knowledge and skills, suggesting possibilities and alternatives, if needed.

2. Analysis

With our Rader analysis we are able to make a virtual image of the participants before we meet them in the training.

3. On the job observation

To have a better understanding of how a company operates it is often useful to simply observe how things are done. This helps to see a full picture. The work atmosphere and the relationships between colleagues and managers can, for example, be assessed.

4. Intake workshop

Unlike the intake interview the intake workshop takes place with more people. These are usually the later participants in the program. This is an excellent way to increase ‘buy-in’ and to clarify the desired content of the training.